Each hero possesses an unique shape and random stats.


Body parts of each Hero are categorized into 2 groups:

The body parts have no effects on the stats:

  1. Eyes

  2. Face / Mask / Earrings / Eyebrows

  3. Head / Horn / Hairs

The body parts affect the stats:

  1. Equipment Front-chest

  2. Strap / Shoulder Armor

  3. Pants/ Belts/ Boots

  4. Shield/ Tattoo

  5. Hat

  6. Gloves


Stats of heroes are incorporated from basic stats of race basement and additional stats of body parts.

Race Basement:

Each race in Elpis Battle has its own strengths and weaknesses that are demonstrated by basic statistics.

The below triangle provides you with the statistics of each race

Body Part Basement:

Each body part is categorized into only one element, and the body part improves the stats of the hero depending on the element that it belongs to


Rarity expresses the scarcity of heroes. The rarity is based on the number of body parts affecting the charactersโ€™ stats.

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