Elpis Battle

Token EBA


Ticker: EBA
Blockchain: BNB Chain
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Trade EBA

Token Distribution

Team & Advisor: 25% - 6 months clif Linear vesting in 24 months.
Foundation: 12% - 6 months cliff. Linear vesting in 24 months.
Game Incentives/ Staking Reward: 37%
Marketing: 4% - Unlock 5% at TGE. Quarterly unlock in 36 months.
Operation Reserve: 10% - 12 months cliff. Linear vesting in 36 months.
Liquidity: 2%
Seed Sale: 2% - Linear vesting in 18 months.
Private Sale: 7% - Linear vesting in 12 months.
Public Sale: 1% - Unlock 40% at TGE, 30% vesting each months for 2 months.

Token Schedule

Token Usage

$EBA is an original token of Elpis Battle, which can be used to activate some functions in Elpis Battle.
In addition, $EBA is an asset that represents the value of Elpis ecosystem through:
  • Yield Farming: $EBA is an incentive for early supporters to the ecosystem of Elpis Battle
  • Governance: Users who hold $EBA can vote for the direction development of Elpis Battle
  • Staking: Users who hold $EBA can receive profits from the revenue of Elpis Battle.

Token Circle