Q: Why does NFT Staking not show APR?

A: Heroes can be listed at different prices on the marketplace, even they own the same rarity, so we cannot estimate the APR. However, 6 staking pools each shall have an equal amount of $EBA, and the reward is divided evenly between all the heroes in the pool. Therefore, the fewer heroes the pool has, the higher amount of $EBA each hero receives.

Q: What is the meaning of Mythical Parts?

A: Mythical Parts are special body parts that only Genesis Heroes can have. Mythical Parts are not much different from normal body parts. At this early stage of Elpis Battle, Mythical Parts do not have effects on the statistics of the heroes to keep the game balanced. However, in the later phases, the Heroes that own Mythical Parts will have more advantages than normal Heroes do.

Q: Does the rarity of Heroes that are used for Recruiting affect the rarity of next generations?

A: No. The rarity of descendants does not depend on the rarity of the 2 original heroes that are used for recruiting. Heroes that are generated through a recruiting feature can be Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Recruiting feature cannot create the Heroic. There are a total of 250 heroic heroes at the present, in which 200 heroes are sold in the Genesis Event. The remaining 50 heroic heroes are reserved and not currently in use.

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