September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

In order to bring a complete product and smooth operations, we decided to delay a bit. You can read our announcement for more details about reasons, timeline, our activities until mainnet. Detail: https://medium.com/elpis-battle/elpis-battle-updates-schedule-for-mainnet-release-82c383071a92

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

One of the most severe is our lack of human resources, which led to the late delivery of some functions compared to the time listed in our Roadmap. Detail here: https://medium.com/elpis-battle/elpis-battle-roadmap-2022-8871927b000

Q1 2022:

Q2 2022:

Q3 2022:

Q4 2022:

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