Elpis Battle
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OpenMeta is a comprehensive NFT marketplace composed of NFT creating, launchpad & farming incubated by the MDEX Foundation.
In particular, it’s equipped with 4 major features: NFT Primary, NFT marketplace, NFT farm, and My NFT.
Users can freely create, trade NFTs and enjoy advanced NFT services such as initial NFTs offering, mystery box presale, farm by staking NFT, etc.

How to list heroes on OpenMeta for sales?

Visit OpenMeta here: https://nft.openmeta.finance/
Scroll down to the bottom of this page, choose [Import an NFT], and connect wallet
Input Elpis NFT Hero Contract Address and Token ID in the box. Click [Check] to ensure you import the correct NFT and then [Import].
Then go back to tab [My NFT], you will see your NFT listed in the tab [Collected]. Click on the hero and you will see a [Sell] button.
There are two types of sales that can be conducted on Open Meta:
Type 1: Fixed Price
You can use this feature to set a fixed price for your NFT in a selling period. Buyer will purchase your NFT at that fixed price without any negotiation
Fee: 2% per transaction, paid by seller.
Note: The start date should be less than the current time of action. The end date should be less than 7 days from the date of starting.
Type 2: Auction
This is an interesting feature that Elpis’s Marketplace currently does not offer, so we encourage users to try Auction on OpenMeta. Auction allows buyers to make counter-offer on the listing. Seller will set the initial price of the NFT, and buyers who have the highest bidding price within the time limit will get the offer.
After confirming the listing, you can go to tab [Market] and see your NFT.

How to cancel a listing?

You can click on your NFT on the market. Then this below screen will display. After that, click on [Cancel Sell] to delist.