Elpis Battle


Scholarship is a function that allows users to share their account access and in-game assets usage with other players. Shared players can play and use items but cannot make any on-chain transaction.
Scholarship is deemed as the cheapest way for players to start playing and earn without any initial investment. This function allows players addressed as owners or managers, who have many heroes, to assign their account access to other players, named scholars. Scholars can access these accounts, play games, and share profits earned from the game with asset owners.
In Elpis Battle, scholarship function works as below:
Step 1: Owners need to transfer their heroes to different accounts, ideally 4 heroes per account to form a full team
Step 2: When log into the game, account owners will see a Root Account button on the upper-right corner. Click to the right arrow to share an account.
Step 3: Paste the wallet address of a scholar into the blank, input the percentage of shared profit, and click [Send Invite].
Note: The % Profit here is the amount of rewards that you want to share with your scholar. For example, if you input 60%, your scholar will receive 60% of total rewards earned.
After sending an invite, owners will see scholars’ accounts shown as below. Account owners can reactivate, revoke, resend, or remove the account.
Reactivate: Reactivate the right to access account after revoking
Revoke: Revoke the right to access account
Resend: If a scholar cancel the invite, account's owner can resend invitation
Remove: Use to delete scholar’s account from the list of shared accounts
Step 4: Scholar should log in to his/her account and accept an invitation to complete the scholarship process.